Management Team



Mike Long – League Director

I’m one of the rare birds where I did not get my daughter into mountain biking, she got me into mountain biking. A few months after learning to ride she wanted to race. Being a junior girl racer is an exercise in having limited opportunities and I saw the clear benefits and transformational change that cycling brought to my daughter. So I set about creating opportunities for her and all the other kids like her.

In 2012 I founded the Charlotte Youth Cycling League, a 14 and under MTB race series. In 2014 I formed Carolina Youth Cycling, a kids MTB club based in the Charlotte area. I am also a past board member of the Tarheel Trailblazers, an IMBA SORBA club based in Charlotte NC.


John Bovine – Race Director

I started riding bikes that I built up from parts pulled from the trash since I was 4th or 5th grade. (Come to think of it, that’s pretty much what I still do…) I started riding MTB back in ’92.

After my daughter participated in 2011 CYMBL series, I organized the Piedmont Youth Mountain Bike League race series in 2012 and 2013 so kids in our area would have local junior races to compete in. I also organized weekly kids mountain bike rides ages 7- 15 and the 2012 and 2013 TAKMBD for the Greensboro Fat Tire Society.

John works as an Engineering Technician with the NCDOT in the Bridge Maintenance Unit, but longs for the day that he can work in the bike industry as a professional beer drinker and international man of mystery.


Mark Gordon – Program Director

Mark, a man of many hats, but foremost is passionate about kids, creating both emotionally & physically strong families, and cycling.

A 15-year veteran of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, serving several years as a bicycle officer, Mark has witnessed firsthand the challenges for youth in the community. This experience has fueled his passion to work with youth to promote positive choices and change. He holds national and state certifications through the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association, SHIMANO T.E.C., American Red Cross, F.E.M.A. and currently assisting as member at the Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Emergency Response Team. Through both his trainings and experiences, Mark is the founder of Bikin’ Dad’s Adventures, a regional non-profit organization with the mission to work with at-risk families to improve father-child relationships through cycling. He is also a founding member of Carolina Youth Cycling, an organization that races in local and regional XC & “Enduro” style competitions.


Michael Eastwood – Coaching and Team Development Director

Michael Eastwood is a high school counselor who dabbled in mountain biking as a high school student himself. After returning to the sport in 2009, Michael quickly realized the power of mountain biking as a personally, physically and mentally rewarding sport. The personal challenges that and the sport presents as well as the supportive community (socially, in racing and advocacy) that it provides presents an amazing opportunity for adults and kids alike. Michael is excited by the opportunity to help bring the sport to more students, especially in a state that is home to more officially recognized collegiate mountain biking programs (4) than any other state.


Don Brown – Communications Director

I love to see the response on people’s faces when I tell them that, in 2009, I moved from the Raleigh area to the beaches of Wilmington and took up a new sport…mountain biking.

Yes, I had grown up pedaling a bike around the neighborhood, and even bought an early-era mountain bike while attending college, but I had never officially “mountain-biked” until relocating to the beaches of Wilmington.

Shortly after being introduced to mountain biking, the riders in my area started calling me The Trail Mayor. You will have to ride with me to understand why but most learn that I am in the sport more for the social networking, skills building, and character growth.

I am an active member of Cape Fear SORBA and volunteered as their Communications Director between 2011-14.

Bryan Engle

I spent my youth on a BMX bike dirt jumping.  These days, I don’t see quite as much air, but am still in love with being on the bike.  Any kind will do, including a road bike, but given the choice, I’d rather be in the woods on fat tires.

As my own kids have grown, I’ve had the pleasure of introducing them to mountain biking, and we’ve had some pretty cool experiences together.  My son got me involved in cyclocross (CX), where I’ve both raced against other old guys and coach the Team HammerCross juniors.  In addition to CX, I help lead the KOBRA (Kids on Bikes Riding Around) junior MTB program that TeamHammerCross runs in conjunction with the Triangle Off-Road Cyclists (TORC).

I get a huge charge out of seeing kids having fun on bikes and making big leaps in their abilities. It’s great to see them progress right in front of my eyes.

Aside from working to get #morekidsonbikes, I’m also the Membership Director and At-Large Board member for TORC. And when I’m not doing something biking-related, I work as a marketer for a technology company.

Steve Rogers

When I was young, a bike was freedom to come and go as I pleased.  Far from home, I’d occasionally encounter my Mom or Dad in the car.  The first few times it happened, I’d ride home in fear and trepidation of being grounded.  Upon getting home, I’d casually say something like:, “hey, it was cool to see you when I was almost home.”  While I got some arched eyebrows, I never lost my wheels.  And… my rides got longer and longer.

In any case, I grew up on a farm and was riding trails long before anyone was ever talking about single tracks.  Railroads, power lines and farm paths were some of the most interesting ways to the houses of far flung friends.

My kids are now grown and out of college.  When they were young, I did my best to involve them in and impart my love of cycling to them.  My son got the mountain biking bug and participated in many races with me over the years.  Like me, he still gets a huge smile riding a trail.  When I was the race director for the local mountain bike club, TORC, my daughter served as our emergency medical responder.  She now commutes on her bicycle to her classes at UNC School of Medicine.

Not all of the success of my kids is due to riding bicycles, but it didn’t hurt.  My goal in getting involved in NCICL is to see yet another batch of kids riding bicycles.

Ken Clark

I started seriously riding bikes as an adult in the early ‘80’s before there were helmets! That soon changed and I brought my wife into the cycling fold so we could enjoy the open road together. Before kids arrived, we enjoyed three summer bike tours exploring northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

We moved to NC in the 90’s and suddenly had access to great local trails. My youngest daughter really took to trail riding which carries forward today where she lives in Asheville. I was finally able to get my oldest daughter into cycling (albeit on the road instead of the trail) after her college graduation. We rode our first century together soon after that.

I can see from my own children how just a little exposure to cycling can make them a fan for life. That is why I am delighted to be part of the North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League. I want every young person who is interested in cycling to have a chance to experience it in a fun environment that gives them a chance to grow as far as they want to in the sport.

Kevin Hicks

I got back into biking by touring across the United States. In the off-hours of solving the problems of major corporations at IBM, I run Triangle Bikeworks. A nonprofit dedicated to introducing youth of color to organized cycling. I think we all realize the tremendous benefits of cycling and what it has done for each of us individually. I just want to spread the love. Because you don’t know if you don’t like something until you’ve at least tried it.

Like most kids who join a NICA league I had never taken a serious ride through the woods with a mountain bike. That is until I had to help certify race venues for the league. I find it to be exciting, challenging and so much fun! I want to spread the love of this fantastic sport that is as much about land stewardship as it is personal achievement.

Kristine Urrutia

My heart is with my family and all things outdoors.  We hike, ski, run, paddle – and now mountain bike.  As a long-time runner and roadie, mountain biking was not on my bucket list- until my children decided it was on theirs! As my then-little children would mountain bike, I would trail run behind them until I suffered an injury that put me out of running commission. My husband and children decided that year (2015) to purchase a mountain bike for me as surprise Mother’s Day Gift (somewhat outdoing the Spider Knife they had gifted me the year before).  I found both a new freedom and community that came along with mountain biking. That cycling community has embraced us as a family and given us something to share together.
Professionally, I’m an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in global, community and foundation philanthropy. With six years of experience in environmental education and a particular interest in the impact of social entrepreneurship, I profoundly believe that issues of the environment are inextricably linked with matters of social justice.  At the heart of all my efforts is a relentless drive to lead, seek, design, or create ways for people to collaborate with purpose.
I am incredibly excited about being a part of the trailblazing team of folks on the North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League. Being involved in NICA and the NCICL gives me the opportunity bring all my passions together, getting kids out into the woods, biking and reaching children that are underserved in the sport. I have watched my three children become strong in mind, body, and spirit through the sport of mountain biking – and I love ensuring that other youth have the same experience.