Chief Course Marshal Chris

If you’ve had something as serious as a crash on the course or something as minor as a scrape, bruise, nick or cut you’ve met this man.

His name is Chris Muddiman, and he is the Chief Course Marshal for our North Carolina league and he’s participating in the Cross Florida Individual Time Trial to raise money for the Jeff Archer Flight Crew.

After everything is prepped, the banners, tape, course, timing, etc., is done he still has final say as to whether you’ll be able to race or not. He’s as humble a person, as they come, and doesn’t take this responsibility lightly. Your safety, as a cyclist, is his foremost concern.

Chris is a former sponsored cross country racer with a lot of miles under his wheels. His new love of cycling takes the form of adventurous Bike-Packing.

The Chief Course Marshal sets up and manages the on course emergency responses at each race. Before each race he sets up the emergency medical services (EMS) plan by contacting local hospitals and other EMS agencies to plan for the best evacuation procedures.

On December 14, 2019 Chris will head south to begin the arduous journey of cycling 300, mostly off-road miles, in the Cross Florida Individual Time Trial and he’d like you to give to his personal cause of getting #morekidsonbikes by making a contribution.

Chris is combining three of his loves that involve cycling. His love of adventure cycling, his love for youth cycling, and his love and admiration for the man who sparked his interest in self-supported adventure, Jeff Archer. A great man in the cycling community who, unfortunately, died too soon.

Chris is riding in support of the “Jeff Archer Flight Crew Loaner Bike Program”. All money raised will be to fund scholarships, and purchase and maintain bikes for use by youth who are new to mountain biking.

Make a donation today and you’ll help Chris get #morekidsonbikes.