Skilled and dedicated coaches are the most important aspect of North Carolina High School Cycling League mountain bike teams.  A North Carolina League coach puts the safety and overall well-being of their student-athletes as the first priority.  NICA-licensed coaches are role models and teachers who are open to learning the best practices of youth mountain bike coaching and actively working to hone their leadership skills.

  • No experience is necessary to become a North Carolina League coach.
  • We have the tools to help all coaches succeed.
  • We offer comprehensive training at our Leaders’ Summit events (August).
  • NICA coaches manuals provide detailed coaching instructions. (These are provided if you attend a Leaders’ Summit.)
  • Check out the Educational Resources provided by NICA. Their free webinars are very useful – ranging from information on the NICA Rulebook to How to Start and Manage a High School Team – NICA WEBINAR SERIES SCHEDULE

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How do I get started?

All coaches are required to obtain a coaches license at one of four levels:

1. General Volunteer

2. Ride Leader

3. Assistant Coach

4. Head Coach

The path to becoming an North Carolina League coach generally begins with volunteering for a local team or attending a Leaders’ Summit.

Click here to learn which license level works best for your needs.

Want to Start at Team?

Take a look at our Team Starter Kit Page.


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