Why “Jeff Archer Flight Crew”

Jeff was the founder and curator of the Museum of Mountain Bike Art and Technology, the owner of First Flight Bicycles and a driving force in the mountain bike community here in North Carolina. We lost Jeff way too soon but we want to be sure that Jeff will always be getting ‪#‎morekidsonbikes‬ in North Carolina. To learn more about Bicycle Historian Jeff Archer, read Bicycling Magazine’s article on his contribution to the cycling world.

Program Need

The National Interscholastic Cycling Association has a proven track record of introducing kids to mountain biking. Only 26% of our student-athletes had ever ridden a mountain bike before participating in NICA. 73% of student-athletes reported that their participation inspired family/friends to start riding bikes.

But organized cycling is expensive. One of our core values is the we are inclusive. That means that we need to do whatever we can to make this sport and this league accessible to all kids who would like to participate. Our goal was to serve 250 kids in our first season and we’ve blown way past that number. We also know, hearing from the other NICA leagues, that somewhere around 10% of our members will need a little help to participate. We plan to address that need in two ways. The first is through scholarships for riders and coaches. The second is through a bike loaner program. The first obstacle for many kids is that they don’t have a mountain bike or they don’t have a safe bike to use.

Program Description:

The North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League hopes to offer a mountain bike fleet as loaner bikes to Student-Athletes who do not have a bike to ride. The loaner bike will be available for their use during the in-season time of the year, December-May.  

Student-Athletes must commit to the upcoming season to qualify. Commitment involves registering with the League, signing up for their local team and entering a minimum of two races. Teams have constitutions that spell out participation commitments such as practice attendance, GPA, and code of conduct. Bikes are loaned to the Student-Athlete with a signed agreement between the League, Parent, Coach and Student-Athlete.

Commitment details:

  • Commit to local team – sign team agreement and pay team dues
  • Commit to the NCICL and NICA – pay your annual registration fee
  • Commit to the racing experience – sign-up for a minimum 2 of the 5 races.
  • Commit to caring – be prepared to have yourself, coach and parents sign an agreement to respect and possibly replace loaned equipment. You, your coach, and parents will be responsible for maintenance and repair of the loaned equipment from December 1- May 31. You will return the equipment in similar condition no later than June

*Downloadable PDF based application will become available November 1. Download the form at that time. Be prepared to have all of your commitments pre-arranged. Get your application turned in ASAP. The application will have instructions on how to submit. Bikes are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. Incomplete or illegible applications will be moved to the back of the line.

Bike Pickup and Drop-Off instructions:
If your application is approved and your bike size is available, the NCICL will send you a confirmation email by December 1.  This email will contain instructions on how and where to pick up your bike.  The NCICL will make every attempt to drop off the bikes to maximize the convenience to student-athlete, parent and coach. However, some travel and logistic may be required of parents and/ or coach to pick up the bike. Bike pickups may commence as early as December 15.  Be prepared to return your bike within 30 days of final race. Return instructions will follow via email.

League Contact for Loaner Program:

Commit to Care and Release of Liability:
This loaned bicycle is a fantastic character development opportunity for student-athletes.  Parent, student-athlete and coaches will be participating in this stewardship experience.

  • Bike may only be used for regular scheduled team practices and races.  Bikes used outside of team practices and races voids commitment of care and bike will need to be returned.  Be mindful of testing these limits. In the era of social media and information sharing the League has many ways of monitoring bike use. Please respect use limits.  
  • Bike will be regularly maintained and repaired as needed by student/parents/coach.  The coach and student may do the regular maintenance, i.e. clean, lube chain, fix flats etc.  Bike will have parts repaired or replaced by local shop (great team/shop partnership opportunity) at the student-athlete’s expense, and records of repairs will need to be submitted with bike when bike returned at the end of the season.

  • Bike is returned in similar conditions as loaned.  If bike is returned with broken or missing parts, parents and student-athletes will be financially responsible for repairing or replacing parts.  If the entire bike is missing, due to theft or otherwise, parents and students will be financially responsible for replacing entire bike. 

Risk of Personal Injury. 

I understand that the risks of mountain biking are numerous and include, but are not limited to, the following: DEATH, PARALYSIS, HEAD INJURIES, BROKEN, BONES, CUTS, SCRAPES, DAMAGE TO BIKES, GEAR, AND CLOTHING, AND CAUSING, DAMAGE TO AND/OR INJURING OTHERS; falling; loss of control; sustaining injury due to a faulty, defective, or broken bicycle or parts on that bicycle; encountering trees, limbs, brush, rocks, structures, ropes, barriers, or other man-made or naturally occurring obstacles; encountering unpredictable terrain such as varying steepness, mud, holes, cliffs, gravel, narrow trails, and/or lack of trails; negligence of other riders, persons, or vehicles; or negligent actions of the North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League.