Yayyy for Adventure Day!

Adventure Day

NCICL presented our first ever Adventure Day at Brumley Nature Forest. Adventure Day required teams of Student Athletes, led by coaches, to navigate their way to various challenge stations around Brumley, and then complete those challenges.

On the day of the event, Student-Athletes will arrived on-site and checked in at the registration tent to join their team or be assigned to a team and coach.

Each team will got a map showing the location of each activity and they rode together to each location. Since routes weren’t predetermined teams had to make a decision on which way to go and how to best complete the challenges within the time allotted.

It was a F U N, non-competitive, non-speed oriented event. All riders rode with respect.

GRiT Clinic

Female Student-Athletes also had the opportunity to participate in a GRiT Clinic prior to Adventure Day (10.30-11.30 AM). The GRiT Clinic was a dedicated hour for female-athletes to explore the trails, learn new skills, and create crucial cross-team relationships. They offered ideas on how to recruit more girls and what they wanted to learn at GRiT Clinics on race weekends. It was well attended! #moregirlsonbikes

Much THANKS to The Clean Machine for the loaner bikes!! The day was made even better with those around.

Click a photo or this link to view many of the other photos!


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